• Pactiv Women Workers Demand an End to Retaliation and Forced Overwork

    >Over 100 women workers at Pactiv Corporation’s New Jersey factory – owned by Reynolds Group Holdings and its boss, Graeme Hart – were overworked in sweltering sweatshop conditions.

    >40 Pactiv workers were fired in July 2011 in retaliation for their efforts to stop work ‘speed-ups’ and organize the factory.

    >The workers are not backing down. Join the Pactiv workers to demand the right to a 40-hour work week and the right to say NO to forced overtime!


Pactiv workers to rally, launch boycott of Costco, 3/8

Join the Pactiv workers and other Ain’t I a Woman?! coalition members on March 8th, International Women’s Day, to launch the national boycott of Costco for selling Reynolds’ sweatshop products. Let’s take back International Women’s Day and follow the lead of the women workers of Pactiv who are fighting back agains the daily violence inflicted on … Continue reading

Read Our Article in the Fall 2014 Issue of Brooklyn-Queens NOW News

Across all industries, people are facing longer work hours and earning less. Simply raising the minimum wage won’t resolve the problem. Rampant underemployment and unemployment is the result of the skyrocketing use of mandatory overtime. In fact, one in every three workers have jobs that require it.[i] Long hours not only affect service or low-wage workers but office workers as well, with 62% of high earning professionals working more than … Continue reading

The Reynolds Boycott on The NATION

Read the full article here.

Organizations in China Endorse the Boycott!

  Summer 2014 has been full of activities. SOAR (Students Organizing Against Reynolds) representatives reached out around the country – and the world – and contacted groups like Globalization Monitor. Groups are signing on to Boycott Reynolds and bring an End to Mandatory Overtime!  

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