Rally, June 14th: Women Workers Launch National Boycott of Reynolds Group Holdings To End Mandatory Overtime


Press Conference to Launch Reynolds Boycott

Over a hundred workers, family members, friends, and members of different organizations rallied to launch the Reynolds Boycott.

For years, Wan Zhen Huang worked at the factory in Kearney, making plastic containers for Pactiv Corporation, a subsidiary of Reynolds. She and 100 other workers, mostly women, slaved at their machines in sweltering conditions for twelve hour shifts unable to even use the bathroom. Many workers spoke up and started to unionize. The company immediately retaliated against them by instituting a new disciplinary system and further speeding up the work.  In July 2011, Pactiv laid off Huang and 60% of her department, for leading or supporting the efforts to improve working conditions. The remaining 40% of workers were forced to do 100% of the work.  In order to do that, the company made overtime mandatory, from 40 to 72 hours a week.

A letter was sent to Pactiv and its parent company Reynolds Group, owned by billionaire Graeme Hart. He and his company refused to rehire the workers, despite the abundant overtime hours forced on their current employees. This is not the first time Reynolds Group has crushed workers’ efforts to organize in its factories.  They shut down a factory in Illinois because workers fought against deduction of wages from their meal period.  

Today, Pactiv workers and their families were joined by over a hundred other workers of different industries to hold a rally at the Kearney New Jersey factory. Together, we launched a nation-wide campaign to end mandatory overtime and support the workers’ demand for their jobs back. The workers, their friends, and their families rallied to expose the sweatshop conditions promoted by Reynolds Group Holdings.

Together we call on all workers in the US to boycott all Reynolds products, until the company complies with the workers’ demands:

1. The right to take bathroom breaks.

2. The right to sick days and parental leave.

3. The right to speak out and organize without retaliation.

4. Reinstatement with back pay for those laid-off or fired.

5. The right to a 40-hour work week and NO mandatory overtime.


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