Students Plan Reynolds Protest Dec. 8, Call for End to Mandatory Overtime

Reynolds Group is truly shameless. This year they are shutting down their Chippewa Falls (WI) Pactiv plant and they barely even bothered to notify the 170 union workers employed there. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, they have been using the pretext of storm damage to shut down their New Jersey plant, where workers have been fighting for reinstatement and the right to organize and say “No” to forced overtime. Managers at that plant are still denying local union jobs to those unjustly fired, offering only a few obedient workers relocation to plants that are miles and miles away.

But already, the movement to hold Reynolds accountable is growing faster than they can handle. The nationwide letter-writing campaign that students kicked off this summer brought attention to the boycott. Costco has responded, but Walmart hasn’t written back to a single letter. They refuse to support our demands and continue to stock Reynolds Group’s sweatshop products in their stores.

Now, students from around the northeast are launching actions against Walmart. On December 8, they’ll be holding a protest in front of the Walmart in Vestal, NY, one of the largest Walmart “Supercenters” in the state. They’re rallying workers, students, members of different faith-based communities, and many others to demand that Walmart stop selling Reynolds products. Let’s join them! We will be going up with a delegation from New York City on the morning of the 8th, so please contact us immediately if you’d like to participate! Call us at 212-358-0295. We’re chartering a bus and arranging transportation. Seats are available for a limited time!

Together we can end forced overtime!


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