SOAR: “Our community will NOT stand for sweatshop conditions!”


By Kai Yang and Mary Lister, SOAR

On Friday, April 22nd, Students Organizing Against Reynolds (SOAR) met with four representatives from Pactiv to insist that the company meet the demands of the Pactiv workers. Representatives from the Social Justice Committee of the Universalist Unitarian Church, Citizen Action of New York, Women Students’ Union, College Democrats, College Progressives, Sociology Graduate Students Union, SUNY-Binghamton Food Co-op, and Student-Labor Alliance united with SOAR to tell Pactiv that our community will NOT stand for sweatshop conditions – not only in Pactiv factories, but in all facets of our lives.
During the two-hour meeting, Pactiv made it clear that they disrespect workers’ rights. Pactiv lawyer Steve Karl insisted that no harms had been done, and that any mistakes that had been committed had been properly dealt with and that Pactiv “is not a sweatshop.” Workers, students and community members are not foolish. As working people, our eyes are clear and we will not stop to organize until the sweatshop practices promoted by Pactiv/Reynolds are eliminated. At Binghamton, students and community members will continue to spread the boycott of all Pactiv/Reynolds’ products on and off campus. Members of SOAR from SUNY-Binghamton encourage other students from different college and university campuses to take up the boycott of Pactiv/Reynolds and to take up the struggle for an 8-hour workday, 40-hour workweek. If interested, please email SOAR:

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